Caputo Pizza Flour Suppliers Scotland

Caputo Blue Pizza Flour

image of wholesale bag of Caputo Blue Pizza FlourCaputo pizza flours are all milled in Naples Italy, the home of pizza !

Our signature product, demanded by maestri pizzaioli the world over and recognized by the leading Neapolitan pizza certification associations. “00” Pizzeria is ideal for classic Neapolitan Pizza in wood fired, gas or electric ovens.

Caputo Blue Pizza Flour produces a very soft and flavourfull crust… Perfect pizzas every time ! Additive free and all-natural, milled specifically for use at temperatures above 700°F

Caputo Red Pizza Flour

imge of a wholesale bag of Caputo Red Pizza FlourRinforzata means “reinforced” because of the higher protein level. The combination of the legendary Ca-puto quality milling with higher protein and gluten is ideal for long rise dough. Certain pastry, specialty breads and pizza can reach new heights with Rinforzata. Caputo “00”… Perfect pizzas every time !

Additive free and all-natural, Milled slowly for optimal water absorption and superior yield.

Vitello Foods Ltd supply wholesale both Caputo Blue Pizza Flour and Caputo Red Pizza Flour, both these flours are very popular with the Italian community and extremely popular with fish & chip shops, pizzeria’s and Italian Restaurants, a must for all pizza chefs, without doubt

Caputo pizza flour is known as the “Flour Of Naples ” and has been a market leader in Scotland for some time now.

Vitello Foods Ltd already supply shops in Glasgow, Edinburgh and all surrounding areas, why not call us and place an order for one of the top pizza flours available, simply call Vitello Foods Ltd on 01501 763853 or call Willie Kerr on 07888 704442 or you can order on our online shop.

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