Pizza Toppings Suppliers Scotland

Supertops Pizza Toppings. We offer varios Supertops pizza topping ,all frozen , in 1kg pack as listed below:

  • Supertops Pepperoni x 1kg
  • Supertops Salami x 1kg
  • Supertops Sicy Beef x 1kg
  • Supertops Ham Julienne x 1kg
  • Supertops Ham Stamps x 1kg
  • Diced Chicked 2.5kg

SuperTops is the market leading and longest established brand of ingredient ranges on offer to the professional caterer: offering superior quality and taste, as well as ease of handling. Developed to provide consistent high quality, without excessive greasing out, each topping is designed for use in high temperature ovens.

SuperTops is eaten on pizzas throughout Europe every day and is a one-stop shop for pepperoni, salami, ham, pork, bacon, beef, meatballs, chicken and chorizo. We are passionate about our traditional, hand crafted processes, quality ingredients and secret recipes. In addition, our customers value the provenance and expertise of our quality British, Danish and EU meat.

Whether you are striving for the perfect pizza or looking to add that sensational finishing touch to a pasta dish, our experts have created all the variety, flavour and colour you need with superior cuts of meat. All of our ingredients are fully traceable and sourced from high welfare, sustainable farming systems in the UK, Denmark and Europe. Most products in the SuperTops range are individually quick frozen to ensure free flowing serving and no wastage: resulting in excellent portion control – be it a hot and spicy pizza or a healthier option.

Vitello Foods supply our pizza topping to various locations including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, West Lothian, North Lanarkshire in our own temperature controlled vehicles.

Please call our office on 01501 763853 or contact Willie Kerr direct on 07888 704442 if these product are of interest. Pizza toppings are a small part of our product range which can be viewed on our website, or customers can take advantage of our online shop and purchase goods from there.